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About Lets Go Green

My name is William MacGregor and I am the founder of Lets Go Green which I started back in 2011.

In 2005 I changed my career to become a driving instructor with BSM and in 2006 I opened my first driving school (TEDS)

In 2011 I was the first instructor in Scotland to open a greener driving school featuring the use of hybrid cars and have never looked back.

I am fully qualified DVSA approved driving instructor with years of experience with a high pass rate.

Born and bred in Edinburgh I know the areas very well including the Musselburgh and Currie areas where both test centres are

The biggest feedback I receive from pupils is that they learn quickly, that the lessons are fun and that they enjoy the whole experience

Videos Featuring LGG

Spotlight on Toyota Hybrids

Promotional Video For LGG on Launch

Our Philosophy

For a

In the future ALL cars will be electric.

Driving an electric or Hybrid car is different to driving a combustion engine car - the sound is different and the feel is different.

Given that all vehicles in the future will be electric we feel that learning in a hybrid sets you off in the right direction and allows us to save fuel emissions in the process.

It's the little things that help.